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Top Facts about Space

There are numerous of facts about the space and they are interesting to listen. Space is always amazing and most people long to be there but for you to qualify there are some aspects that are crucial that you need to attain. However, you can be there by imagination by getting to know some facts that you never knew about the space that will leave you amazed. Below are some of the facts about space that it is important you know.

There are lots of other planets in the space beside the most popular eight planets. From the space there are so many other planets that are orbiting around another star. The research is ongoing by the scientists to identify another planet that can have a life besides earth where human being s can live. Another amazing fact is that the skin of the feet peels off while in the space. This is an interesting fact about space but it is the reality since the astronauts are supposed to wear the same underwear and socks for days before changing. It is a task to be in the space since they should be careful when changing them to avoid the dead cells of the skin to suspend in the weightless environment.

Also, the sun is so big in that earth can fit it one million times. The fact remains that the sun is at the center of the solar system and planet orbit around it and therefore, it takes about one million earth that is in the same size to fit the sun. The sun is biggest in size and when you look at it in the sky you will realize that it seems so small but the fact remains that it is the biggest. The height changes when you are in the space and you become taller. Your height will increase when you are in the space for several centimeters since the gravity is not available there.

The weather in space is extremely warning it is not favorable as earth. The other planets such as Mars, Jupiter, and others experience unfavorable weather conditions since the hurricanes are severe, winds can blow for long without stopping and moreover the temperatures can change in the same day not predictable. Another fact is that space is not much far from earth. The fact is the distance is approximately 100km from earth surface and if you tend to drive upwards you can be in the space within less than hour.

When you are in the space when you cry your tears will not fall instead they will form a bubble and be suspended in the weightless environment.

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