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Interesting Ways to Maximize and Organize Closet Space

Surprisingly, the right type of hanger can make your closet space seem bigger or make the space more efficient. So now, the question is, which type of hanger should you use? Read further and you will learn how to choose the right hanger and the right accessories to make sure you get the most benefit from your closet space.

The first tip is to hang tops and bottoms together. This is both space saving and time saving when it comes to deciding which outfit to wear for work or for a night out. For this to be possible, you need special hangers that will keep pair clothing neatly inside your cabinet. You will want a hanger that has cascading hooks or clips. These hangers are good for piece of clothing that are slippery or light.

It is also a great idea to choose a hanger than has hooks, groves and clips so it allows more than just two pieces to be hanged. This has space saving features that work like magic in your closet. For example there are hangers that can accommodate 3-4 pants. Hangers with cascading hooks work well for this.

Next, invest in one or two storage boxes or collapsible storage containers and they are really good for small pieces or accessories. This is your best solution to a cluttered closet. This is good for keeping pairs of socks together or for keeping underwear in one place. With the help of collapsible storage containers, finding things especially small clothing is a lot easier. Imagine not having to dig the entire wardrobe for that other pair of special socks.

Next, invest in hangers that are designed to keep the shape of your special garments intact. Curved hangers keep heavy garments or tailored suits neat. Others even have zippered bags to protect such clothes.

It is also good to have three or four velvet hangers that come with hooks and clips. These hangers are suitable for a variety of items. The velvet cover keep light items from slipping off the hanger, while the hooks help hang many more pieces of clothing.

Collapsible storage containers and velvet hangers are just two of the items that you should have to keep your closet organized so when shopping for them, you want to go to a place that offer you plenty of choices. To make it even more fun, add color to your selection. There are even those that have great patterns. Or you can use one color for a certain theme. You can choose a different color for your partner and another for yourself. Make organizing even better by color coding. Do not limit your ideas and go to a place that offers the widest selection of collapsible storage containers and velvet hangers. To learn more, click here.

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