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Find Out The Best Business Card For You.

There are several types of business cards for different business needs. Therefore ensure you find the type of business card that not only suits your needs, but that of your business too. You want a business card which is representing what you are offering the clients and customers. Consider how formal you want your real estate business cards to be, and the kind of message you want the card to communicate to people whom you give it to. Here are some types of business card you can go through before you settle on a particular design.

Standard. A standard business card is around 3.5X2 inches, it is rectangle with square corners. 3.5″X2″ is the standard size and style which masstige printing professional Business Cards Company prints at standard prices. Because to the ease in cutting and printing of standard cards, this is a very affordable option for many businesses.

Round corners. The round corner cards are variations of the standard business cards. Once the card is printed, a die cut creates round corners and then gives the card a different shape. This will give the business card a softer feel compared to the standard cards. Although you might dig deeper into your pockets to get the round corners. Ensure you create the design with the round corners in mind to avoid cutting any important information.

Square. Square. Square. This style is fast growing in today’s luxury business card printing market. The square business cards are a unique blend of the standard cards. Square cards are smaller compare to the standard cards at only 2″X2″. However, they will distinguish your business cards from all the others. Squares business cards are fun and shows your clients that you are a creative individual and have a great personality. However, you should take note of the amount of space you use.

Die-cut. These business cards are very unique. You can pick from that various available options like the standard die cuts as well as any design that the printing company already has. Another option is creating your very own die-cut. Die cut prices range from $ 50 or more depending on the complex nature of the design.

Fold-over. This type of card is ideal for the companies that want to include additional information on their cards that what the standard 3.5″X2″ allows. Be creative with the folded business card by making use of the folded style in the design. You can be creative with the fold over card by using the folded style in the design. You can also be creative with the folded card by using the folded style in the design. Use die cuts on the folds in order to create custom shapes. The fold-over cards are unique and will give you an edge to stand from the crowd. The Fold-over cards sets you apart from the crowd as well as unique. Not only are the Fold-over cards unique, they also set you apart from the crowd.

Recycled. This is a great card for companies that want to go green. These are made from post-consumer content and waste. These are made purely from post-consumer content and waste.

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