Legacy Expansion, Moving Into New Realms Alongside Microsoft

VALiNTRY has joined a select group of elite business professionals in the top tier of business. Microsoft is certainly in the top frame of all technology, and their business partnership system has helped usher in a new wave of professional-grade companies that can work on their level of success with the right support. The Microsoft Partner Network is a roadmap to success and VALiNTRY has been accepted into the group.

Growing Resources

The expansion of clientele will be massive. But, more importantly, the relationships with current clients at VALiNTRY.com will grow to include new resources and new training. Microsoft is not just offering a seal of approval without any substance. The network system is a collaborative process with a slant on training and resource building.

Microsoft will offer support, as needed, without tapping into the creative freedom of the company. Microsoft invited VALiNTRY because the company knew that they were doing something great, and they will continue to perpetuate this expansion with a support system. Clients will gain access to advanced training.

Legacy IT

Moving forward, this will mean continued support through many effective platforms. The legacy platform is one such area of major growth, and Microsoft is supportive of pushing towards this system. Legacy is incredibly advanced. It is a massive system in IT, and only a few top companies can effectively work within its framework.

One of the big elements Microsoft is bringing to the table is an understanding that legacy is the future. Microsoft will train VALiNTRY professionals in the network to make sure the company can expand to new heights.

It will be one of the major arcs in the next few years. It will bring a new competitive nature to VALiNTRY that was seen before but with new resources and the massive backing of one of the largest tech enterprises in the world. Microsoft will help deliver better services through a framework that VALiNTRY has already crafted from the ground up. The relationship could not come at a better time for all involved, as it means more money and time being dedicated during a particularly competitive area.