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Tips for Filing a Successful Foreign Investor Visa

When deciding to file a petition for the foreign investor visa, you need to understand the requirements and guidelines that will assist you to successfully get a visa.

Foreign investors will only qualify for the program if the investment is sufficient to ensure successful operation of the business. The amount you invest must be sufficient to successfully develop the business and cover daily operations. One way of proving that you have adequate funds is by providing evidence of your bank statement or materials that you have purchased for the start-up of the business.

Come up with a detailed business plan outlining your company strategic plan that shows your projected success. A good plan will include the financial resources, goods and services that you will offer, assets of the company including employees, and an idea of how you will increase your revenue and stay on top of your competitors. To help you come up with a viable business plan, consider hiring consultants who are specialized in writing these plans.

If you are an investor or developer from a treaty country, that has made substantial investment in the United States, then you are more likely to qualify for the E-2 Treaty investor status. When you meet this requirement, you will get a treaty investor visa which will permit you to make an investment and reside in the U.S. The investor is allowed to come and manage or oversee the investment in the U.S.A even if they do not reside in the treaty country but have citizenship from a treaty country.

Another requirement is that the investment has to be a real operating enterprise. A real enterprise is one that offers tangible goods and services for profit. Businesses like restaurants and retail stores do qualify while a speculative business like the real estate investment does not qualify.

The other tip for a successful foreign investor visa is to provide a detailed statement that explains the source of the investment funds. This is important in order to verify that you did not acquire the funds illegally or in any criminal means.

Each foreign investor must show how their business is going to impact the economy of the U.S. by creating jobs. If you are looking to invest in a new business, you need to do adequate research in order to ensure that it will have a tangible impact to the economy. The foreign investor will need to hire workers form the U.S as job creation will positively impact its economy.

Lastly, the investor needs to ensure that their business is in the right location. For the EB-5 visa, investors who are investing $ 1 million or more are not restricted to invest anywhere in the U.S., however, if the investor invests less than $ 1 million, they will be restricted to certain areas.