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8 Figure Dream LifeStyle

A lot of people more so housewives have enough time which can be utilized in generating some money. Earnings can be made by such people at the comfort of their houses. There are various job opportunities that are available for people to work online through personal devices as long as they have internet connection.

One of the organization that specializes in home business is the 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle. The company specializes in multi-level marketing of different products which can be sold online. Other than selling the products the people are also expected to recruited new sales person and so as to earn some commission from the recruits.

To be recruited a person pays some amount based on the package that they receive plus the license fee. The lowest amount of money that a person can pay to join as basic member is two thousand dollars then additional license fee of one hundred and ninety five dollars. Once recruited a person is expected to purchase any level of products offered by the company which can be basic membership moving on to the VIP package.

The products of the company are primarily ebooks and articles covering different topics such as getting self-esteem and starting an online enterprise. Sales persons are also given promotional materials which are meant to provide tips on recruiting people.

One hundred percent commission and additional commission from recruits can help a person to achieve their financial dream within a short duration. Even after such promising offer people still doubt the company. Is 8 Figure Dream Lifestyle a scam?

Many issues surrounding the company and its products are controversial. First, the packages sold are common and can be found online for free. Very few people can invest their many in buying the product since they are not cost effective.

The specific steps that a person can use in establishing an online market niche is not provided by the coach in any of the YouTube videos. Making an online sale is very difficult more so for new recruits without expert knowledge. Even after working hard to make the first online sale it is the recruiter that receive the commission.

Many people who have given their comments about this company have addressed this disadvantage common in network marketing. Although the company markets itself as being able to solve financial challenges to people who stay at home doing so may not be easy. People who wish to earn income from internet should work with well-branded corporations.

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