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What Should I Know About Native American Jewelry?

Native American jewelry is a type of jewelry that has been created and used for several years now, dating back to hundreds of years ago. Although it is older, it is still one of the more popular types of jewelry out there today. Jewelry fans from all over tend to like the look and feel of the Native American jewelry items. The origins of Native American jewelry are not as widely known. In this article, you will be able to learn a bit more about the types of Native American jewelry out there and what you need to know before you purchase anything.

The Native Americans in the western areas of the United States were the first to start creating jewelry from items that they found around the earth. Some of the types of things that they would wear were things like rocks, shells, or bones. Jewelry was something that was really very beautiful. There are a lot of people out there that still desire to have jewelry like these. The different pieces of Native American jewelry are going to be able to go with a lot of different types of styles and many different pieces of clothing.

According to the research that has been done, some of the first Native American jewelry pieces that were created were done by the 1850s. Navajo Native Americans were the first that started to make jewelry according to information that has been found over the years, but they were able to share this craft with others in order to further the trade of Native American jewelry. It was in the 1880s that the Navajo started to add in turquoise and silver when they were creating jewelry. For many people, it is agreed that turquoise especially is considered a classic Native American jewelry item. A lot of the Native American jewelry pieces that you see with turquoise will have the turquoise laid in with earrings or necklaces. Turquoise is something that is going to really help the Native American jewelry stand out on its own.

A lot of the jewelry that you find today is inspired in part by the Native American jewelry from the past. There are many jewelry items out there that are made by machines, but are inspired by the Native American jewelry of the past. The authentic and handmade pieces are often more durable and going to last longer. Buying something that is genuine is almost always going to be better overall.

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