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How to Train a Dog

A dog is considered to be a crucial animal in a family because it assures security of the home and the same time it can be trained to behave in an almost similar manner like a human being. To make a dog become as responsive as you want is not an easy task and therefore it requires you to dedicate yourself to follow some necessary demands. Living with the pets is not a minor issues and it becomes more interesting if you train them accordingly such that they try to copy human behavior. Therefore I will elaborate on some of the training practices you can conduct on your dog to help it live like a human being.

The most important thing to do is to familiarize yourself with the dog, but if you decide to make decisions without proper familiarizing, you might suffer from the violence of the dog. The process of relating with the dog takes place in a procedure whereby you need to engage it in several activities that will allow the dog to know you and agree to your commands. You need to caress your puppy and at the same time become quite soft on it to allow it to develop a good attitude towards you and the general activities you wish it to do. With time, the dog will become friendly as well and it might even start engaging in games with you. You need to be prepared to train your dog properly by having in stock the perfect tools to help your dog the moment you familiarize well with it.

You need to train your dog on the appropriate house behaviors that it should take care of because this is the place it will be spending majority of the time. At this moment, you should show the dog how to pee to ensure that the house will be in good condition such that the furniture will not be tampered with and at the same time, the house should be in the best condition for human survival. Since you have purchased a crate, you need to train your dog on the right way to use the crate and specifically when it should be using it.

It is appropriate that you leash your dog and help it to adapt to this kind of life whereby it will be walking like that whenever it is outside the house. It is important that you train your dog to use the leash because there are regulatory laws taking care of this.

You need to equip your dog with the right skills to enable it to do various tricks or moves to enable it to understand several communication aspects. For example you need to control your dog when playing by showing it some fun skills and also behavioral tricks when in the public.

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